SC030 - Industrial Cabinet Hardmount Washing Machine, 13 kgs.

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Tysons Global Exchange, Inc.

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American Brand
Made in the USA

Genuine Parts
Made by Alliance

A heavy-duty design meets superior machine mechanics to form the industry’s most trusted hardmount washer-extractor.

Heavy-Duty Design

A heavy-duty frame is equipped with durable bearings that wear less because they’re designed better and more protected against wear and tear.

Advanced Inverter Drive System

Provides smooth, reliable performance and higher extraction speeds while saving you up to 33% on electricity.

High Extraction Speed

New technology on Quantum Gold machines have up to 200 G-Force extraction to remove more water, leading to shorter dry times and lower energy bills.

Sump System Design

Maximizes cleaning power while using 7% less water.


  • Rigid mounted, normal spin, 100G factor

  • Stainless steel top and front panel

  • Stainless steel drum and tub

  • High capacity water inlets

  • Large drain valve

  • Large door opening for easy loading & unloading

  • Industry-leadingflexiblewaterlevelsettings

  • Patented Fill and Drain leak detection saves water

  • Lighter, computer-optimized frame

  • Designed to reduce sound and vibration levels

  • QuantumTM Gold Control